Featured Services for: Construction Management:

With Qualified and Experienced Professionals we provide these services:

Construction Management:

a) Construction Inspections
b) Contract Administration
c) Project Management
d) Project Scheduling
e) Constructability Reviews
f) Construction Cost Estimating
g) Construction Cost Controls
h) Change Orders
i) Claims Management

Construction Quality Control Management:

a) Construction Quality Management
b) Construction Quality Control (CQC) Plan
c) Construction Quality Assurance

We are committed to furnishing you with a successful project that meets the scope, provides the desired quality, and is delivered on time with-in budget.

Our qualified staff of A & E professionals has extensive experience in the private industry and public agency perspective, from project planning to construction closeout.

Our firm has been accepted to the Consultant Rotation List for the City, County and Port of San Diego for the following disciplines: Construction Management, Construction Inspections, Contract Administration, Project Management, Water and Wastewater projects.